Ultima Online Custom Shoppes Opens Its Doors

Origin announces that players can now design and sell their own merchandise online.

Origin Systems has announced that Ultima Online Custom Shoppes is now open and ready for business. The Custom Shoppes allows players to design their own merchandise and then sell it to friends and other players. Players customize their merchandize by uploading an image that can be placed on items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and mouse pads. You can position the picture anywhere on the item, and you can view the item from different angles while designing it or before purchasing it. Once created, a player can link to the shoppe from another page, and any orders placed in that shoppe will be processed by the Ultima Online Custom Shoppes SSL secured server.

So far the program has been successful. On the first day, October 10, nearly 300 shoppes were created. Currently there are more than 1000 open shoppes looking for business. The Ultima Online Custom Shoppes can be found here. The site is also holding a competition to design the Official Player-Designed T-Shirt for the inaugural Ultima Online World Faire. The winner of the contest will receive free admission to the World Faire, as well as have their design sold at CafePress.com.

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