Ultima Online: Age of Shadows ships

Electronic Arts announces that its latest Ultima Online expansion is now shipping to stores in North America.


Electronic Arts and Origin Systems have today announced that Ultima Online: Age of Shadows has shipped to stores across North America. The latest expansion pack for Origin's massively multiplayer online RPG, Age of Shadows includes a number of new features that have been specifically requested by fans of the series.

"Age of Shadows is truly a collaboration of Origin's and UO players' ultimate wish list of new features and enhancements," said Ben Noel, vice president and COO of Origin Systems. "Presale orders for this expansion have been higher than any other UO package in the history of the franchise. The multitude of new features, particularly the house design tool, will allow players to further unleash their creativity and immerse themselves into the UO world."

The house design tool is perhaps the most exciting of the new features in Age of Shadows, since it allows players to custom-design their homes from scratch or modify existing structures. The tool is sure get a lot of use, since the new land of Malas that players will discover in the expansion pack has room for more than 40,000 new dwellings in addition to the game's largest dungeon, Doom.

Other key new features in Age of Shadows come in the form of additional character professions. The expansion adds the chivalrous paladin and his natural enemy, the necromancer, to the proceedings. Paladins are able to use new skills to give their weapons special holy powers and are even able to resurrect multiple players simultaneously, while necromancers do almost the exact opposite--summoning the undead to fight alongside them and transforming themselves into powerful new creatures that have never appeared in the game before.

Ultima Online: Age of Shadows, which also includes new magic items and monsters, is available in stores now, and it comes with one month's free play. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.