Udon announces release dates for Persona art book and more

The publisher announces release dates for Persona, Sonic and Dark Souls art books.

Comics and art books publisher Udon Entertainment has shared its upcoming shipping schedule, showing that the Persona art book, Persona 4 Arena: Official Design works will hit shelves on Nov. 27.

The Bayonetta art book, The Eyes of Bayonetta and The History of Sonic The Hedgehog reprints are slated for December 2013. Dark Souls Design Work and Street Fighter Classic Volume 2: Cannon Strike will come out January 2014.

Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 will release in the first quarter of 2014 and Dragon's Dogma: Official Design Works will go on sale on March 2014.

You can find the full release schedule along with the books' beautiful covers on Udon's official website.

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The persona 4 arena artbook is just epic, i have it's japanese version.

All I'm really waiting for is Asura's Wrath Design Works.



Got the Persona 3 Art Book, and will more than likely pick up those for Persona 4 and P4:Arena. Gorgeous things!