Ubisoft Australia launches 3D character creator

In-browser 3D character creator announced by Ubisoft Australia; fans will be able to enter competition to win 3D printed versions of creations made in the tool.


Ubisoft Australia has announced the release of a 3D character creator website, conceived by content studio Drifter in partnership with Heckler, a post-production studio.

The 3D character creator is a tool which allows users to create a customised character with a variety of assets including armour, weaponry and accessories inspired by Ubisoft characters. The tool requires the unity browser plug-in to be downloaded.

Creations can be shared on social media platforms and be used as profile pictures.

Ubisoft Australia has also announced a competition to select winners to receive hand-painted, 3D printed version of their creations.

The competition will run for six months with one winner chosen each month, and is to be revealed on Ubisoft Australia's facebook page.



6 options for each customization choice? what the hell is the point of this crap?

just like the other dude said it feels like 2001. what a WIDE range of customization choices......


Awesome, ill try it out, Ubisoft are a great company and Rayman legends is fantastic. 


It feels like it's 2001 or something!