TXR: Zero to ship in March

Crave will release its PlayStation 2 racer in March.

Crave Entertainment has announced that Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero will be released for the North American PlayStation 2 in March. The game includes 125 individual car models and over 400 rival drivers. The game's customization aspects have also been enhanced with over 200 new parts and the ability to customize any vehicle. Additionally, the PlayStation 2 version of the game will be able to support more traffic and cars onscreen at the same time.

"Tokyo Xtreme Racer is known for its unique gameplay and superior graphics," said Holly Newman, executive vice president of publishing at Crave Entertainment. "Visually arresting and equipped with plenty of game modes, Zero takes full advantage of the PlayStation 2's impressive capabilities."

Genki is developing the PlayStation 2 game.

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Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero