Two Worlds dev announces Sacrilegium

Polish game developer Reality Pump Studios is taking on the survival horror genre with a female protagonist.

Reality Pump Studios, developer of the Two Worlds fantasy role-playing series, has revealed it is working on a new survival horror game titled Sacrilegium.

Sacrilegium's protagonist, Alex.

The game follows 20-year-old Californian college student Alex, whose adventurous streak sees her traveling the world fighting a modern-day race of vampires called the Moroi.

The game is being developed on Reality Pump's in-house Grace 2 engine, whose predecessor was the basis for Two Worlds II.

"It pleased us that we succeeded to develop the Grace 2 engine in a way that enables us to present models and landscapes that make photos look like charcoal drawings compared to the game," Reality Pump boss Miroslaw Dymek said.

For more on Reality Pump Studios, check out GameSpot's review of Two Worlds II.

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Based on all problems in two worlds 2, this pic of alex has more entertainment value in it than sacrilegium will.


Why does it feel like the name Alex is overused in videogames? You have Alyx from Half-Life 2, Alex Mercer from Prototype, Alex Shepard from Silent Hill Homecoming, etc. There are enough Alexes, they need something fresher for their protagonist to help people remember this game.


While I liked Two Wolds 2 it had a lot of flaws, just like the first one, and I don't know if the dev has the ability to make a good survival horror game. I imagine they'll make the mistakes of making it combat-centric and not very scary at all.