Two new Front Mission games, more beta tests for Online

Japanese gamers who missed the last beta test can try for a spot on November 4.

As the Tokyo Game Show opened, Square Enix made a series of announcements regarding the unlikeliest of series--Front Mission, its futuristic military strategy role-playing series. The company announced that the next round of beta testing for Front Mission Online, the upcoming online version of the game for PlayStation 2, will begin on November 4.

Square Enix also announced that Front Mission 5 is in development for the PlayStation 2 and that Front Mission Mobile will be released for NTT DoCoMo 900i series phones. There has been zero information released regarding Front Mission 5 besides the official announcement, but three screens of Front Mission Mobile were released on the official Front Mission Web site. On the site, Square Enix notes that Front Mission 5 will be the release that marks the 10th anniversary of the series.

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PS: If this was the newer game they were viewing at the gameshow, look to a game called Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness witch is documented 'briefly' here on and yet has no screen shots. But that I'm not even sure about. All I know is that these three screens are anything but FM5.


Woooooooooooow way to fail Gamespot. Those screen shots are NOT Front Mission 5 for the PS2. Maybe try taking a look on youtube. that's just sad right there. When posting that up you didn't maybe think that seems unusually bland for the times?... Those of you curious, this is footage from like the OLD Front Mission. Like the first I think. If you're wondering what it really looks like, just youtube Front Mission 5 and gaze upon yet another Front Mission game we didn't get. Visually it's decent, a slight step up from Front Mission 4 with the usual turn base strategy game play.