Turok Evolution revealed

Acclaim brings the dinosaur hunter to all platforms.

Acclaim finally unveiled the latest entry in the Turok series, Turok Evolution, today at its Austin studio. In a dramatic change for the series, which has traditionally been a Nintendo-exclusive franchise, the game will now be developed for the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube. An early build of the game was demonstrated on an Xbox at the company's ongoing press event.

The game will mark a return to the series' roots by focusing on the origin of the dinosaur hunter bloodline and the Turok legacy. The game will tell the story of Tal'Set, the first dinosaur hunter, and how he came to take on the Turok mantle. While the gameplay in Turok Evolution will stay true to the first-person shooter action the series has been known for, it will incorporate new gameplay elements such as flight sequences that will find players flying on the back of a pterodactyl and engaging in combat with AI-controlled characters at their side. In addition, players will be able to interact with the game's environments, which will have offensive and defensive uses. For example, players will be able to hide behind trees for cover or send them crashing down on their enemies.

Turok Evolution is currently slated for release this September for the Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2.

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