Turbine reinvents itself

The Asheron's Call developer-turned-full-service online game provider gives itself a new logo and a new brand.

Asheron's Call developer Turbine Entertainment has taken a number dramatic strategic steps in recent months. In mid-December, the company secured $18 million in venture capital funding so it could self-fund the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Online MMORPG.

At that time, the developer said it would build a full-service back-end system to support its persistent world games entirely on its own. Then, two days later, it negotiated with Microsoft to reclaim ownership of the Asheron's Call license it had sold to the software colossus seven years earlier.

Today, the company celebrated its 10-year anniversary by unveiling a new logo. Along with the logo, the developer and publisher is also promoting a new corporate brand, one it hopes will establish Turbine as a company known for creating and supporting "quality interactive and imaginative virtual online worlds."

The new logo can be seen on the Turbine Web site.

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