Tribes 2 on Linux

Loki Software will bring Sierra Studios' upcoming team-based shooter to the open-source operating system.

Loki Software has announced an agreement with Sierra Studios to bring the upcoming team-based action game Tribes 2 to the Linux operating system. The game is the sequel to Starsiege Tribes, a first-person multiplayer team-based action game developed by Dynamix and released in late 1998 by Sierra. Tribes 2 features a new graphics engine, new weapons and vehicles, and both single- and multiplayer modes. For more information about Tribes 2, read our collection of previews. Tribes 2 will ship for Linux early next year, shortly after the Windows version arrives.

Loki Software is a publisher devoted to publishing commercial games for Linux, a popular open-source operating system for PCs. For more information about the company, visit the official Loki Software Web site.

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