Trials Evolution's New Skill Games

Skiing, balancing, and desperately flapping plank wings all feature in the new collection of skill games in Trials Evolution, the sequel to the XBLA hit Trials HD. Check them out below.

Trials is back in just a few weeks, trading its familiar warehouse surroundings for a bunch of dynamic, expansive, and occasionally movie-inspired environments. One feature of the original game which has returned, however, is skill games. Check out the gameplay movie below for a crash-laden montage of Evolution's new tests of skill.

Look out for a ball-rolling challenge, in which you steer a giant ball bearing around a sky-high course; a skiing track where flips are the key to success; a track on which you ride a bike with no brakes and a sticky throttle; a bizarre mode in which you balance a giant ball bearing on a bike-mounted contraption; and our personal favourite--a flying challenge which sees you take to the air with makeshift wooden plank wings.

Let us know your thoughts on these skill games in the comments below. Trials Evolution hits XBLA on the 18th of April.

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Looks amazing. This is definitely a day one buy.