Trials Evolution's Best User Creations

Justin Calvert shows off some of his favorite community-created content for Trials Evolution.

You Gotta See This

Wild wild trials

  • Creator: SmEgHeAd89

The great level design in this fun and forgiving Wild West-themed level is matched by the creator's impressive visual style. Even the music is a great fit, so riding this one in anything but a cowboy hat feels wrong somehow.

The Construct X

  • Creator: KillyTheBit

Like the resistance's loading program in The Matrix that it takes its name from, this level appears to be nothing but a white space at first blush. Obstacles automatically assemble ahead of you as you approach them, which not only looks great, but also makes some of them significantly more challenging than they might otherwise be the first time you play.


  • Creator: MrMelee2326

If ever there was a Trials Evolution level that belongs in a Hollywood action movie, this is surely it. Superb set pieces, crazy stunts, and a tangible sense of urgency make this a rewarding level to beat even if you suffer countless mishaps along the way.

The Heist

  • Creator: PASS DAT GOOD

This cinematic level challenges you to escape from a bank robbery aboard a bike with no throttle or brake control. The action is fast-paced from start to finish, but the camera work is what really makes this level a standout.


  • Creator: Medieval Genius

Billed as "an epic journey spanning 4 billion years," this relatively short level doesn't disappoint. A history lesson of sorts, it challenges you to navigate dinosaurs, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, a modern-day city, and plenty of other significant locales as you travel through time.


  • Creator: AONES 835

This 2D course has a lot more going for it than just its great retro aesthetic and memorable name. It's designed in such a way that making a jump without paying attention to the next obstacle makes subsequent progress far more challenging than it needs to be. As a result, successful runs are especially satisfying.

Pandora final v.

  • Creator: Schnee Henri

Inspired by the world of James Cameron's Avatar, this beautiful level impresses without requiring you to don 3D glasses. Challenges include natural hazards, booby traps, and a couple of steep climbs.

Runaway Train!

  • Creator: Lukeyy19

This occasionally challenging track takes place aboard railway carriages that are being pulled through the countryside by a steam locomotive. The gameplay is really only impacted by this great premise in a couple of spots where tunnels and camera angles conspire to impede your progress, but even without the moving train this would be a fun track.

Found (or created) a great Trials Evolution level that you think should be included in this feature? Let us know in the comments below and, if we like it, we'll include it in an update.


  • Creator: ExplodiChris

The speeder bike in this Return of the Jedi-inspired level handles a lot like a regular dirt bike. It's still fun to race through the trees and past AT-ST and AT-AT walkers though, even if you don't get to mow down any ewoks.

Condemned Quadbikes

  • Creator: Lukeyy19

This occasionally challenging level incorporates some neat puzzles that, like many things, are easier to deal with the second time around when you know that they're coming. This level would be great with regular bikes but it's even better with quadbikes.


  • Creator: ice 0 lator 68

There aren't nearly enough jetski games being made nowadays; something that seemingly hasn't gone unnoticed by the Trials Evolution community. This level isn't long or especially challenging, but it affords a rare opportunity to relive the glory days of games like Wave Race 64.

Ocean Explorer

  • Creator: Walton 31

Submarines are rarely much fun to control in games, and the submarine in this level is no exception. The good news, then, is that it gets destroyed early on, leaving you to complete the rest of this great underwater level on your bike.


  • Creator: XxTWEED HEADxX

Unsure if two wheels are really better than four? Get the best of both worlds as you make huge jumps on this three-wheeler that could've come straight from an episode of American Chopper.

Ecole d'aviation 1

  • Creator: POKERVIRUS25

Do you have what it takes to be a light aircraft pilot? Land your plane five times in this forgiving flight school test and you'll be no closer to finding out. That doesn't make this level any less fun though.

Excite hover

  • Creator: banchozone20

There's a reason that hovercrafts aren't typically built using tractor tires and lengths of pipe. There's also a reason that hovercrafts aren't typically used to navigate rapids and waterfalls. Realism be damned though! This challenging level is one of those that's hard to stop playing until you beat it.


  • Creator: xX HE4TH Xx

This Episode I-inspired level sees you taking the controls of a pod racer and, with very little warning, having to use the force to clear obstacles from your path. Significantly easier to play through the second time than the first, unless your force powers happen to include foresight.

Asteroid Sprint vF

  • Creator: crz3 Olaf

It doesn't matter what game you're playing, sometimes you've just got to tear yourself away from it and spend some quality time with Asteroids. While playing Trials Evolution you can now do this without even needing to quit back to the dashboard. The only thing more surprising than this level's existence is how good it is.

Found (or created) a great Trials Evolution level that you think should be included in this feature? Let us know in the comments below and, if we like it, we'll include it in an update.

Old School SX

  • Creator: Medieval Genius

Don't let the sweet, sweet retro visuals fool you; like games of the era that the aesthetic is borrowed from, this course is more challenging than it looks. It's also a lot of fun, and hard to play just once if you're racing other players.

LOTR Isengard

  • Creator: Doctor EDD

As evidenced by this great supercross level, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King would've been a very different movie if Frodo had a dirt bike. This is one of several LOTR-inspired levels from the same creator. You should play all of them.

Nightmare B4 Xmas

  • Creator: Doctor EDD

Inspired by Tim Burton's animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, this fun level transforms Halloween Town into a suitably spooky-looking supercross track that's fun from start to finish. Depending on your TV setup, this one might look a little too dark in spots for you to see exactly what's going on.

Orange Neon Race

  • Creator: Bloddae

One of a series of "Neon Race" tracks by the same creator. The visuals are something special, but don't focus on them too much because the numerous loop ramps ask just enough of you that you can't simply hold down the throttle and watch.


  • Creator: x ZOBAR x

This great-looking course that takes place around a working sawmill works really well for multiplayer races because, among other things, features a number of alternate routes that you can take after missing jumps. This keeps the racing close, assuming you don't fall off your bike completely or get stuck on one of the more challenging climbs.

WTFO Nationals.4P

  • Creator: iB l3LaZziN

If you're after an honest-to-goodness dirt track to race with some friends, check out this lengthy collection of jumps and moguls that appears to have been carved out of the countryside. Infrequent checkpoints are seemingly designed to punish anyone who falls off, so don't do that.

Line Riders

  • Creator: H3KTiK x ViiP3R

Looking for a supercross track that's not too challenging but which will make you want to change the color settings on your TV? Look no further. Floating high above the countryside, this diminutive raceway is Trials Evolution's answer to tie-dye.

Found (or created) a great Trials Evolution level that you think should be included in this feature? Let us know in the comments below and, if we like it, we'll include it in an update.

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