Trenched digs in June 22

Double Fine Productions' multiplayer mech-focused tower defense shooter gets dated for Xbox Live Arcade.

Double Fine Productions is nearly ready to go to war, as the studio has announced a June 22 launch for its Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable game Trenched.

As an alternate history game, Trenched was dated to begin with, technically speaking.

Trenched drafts players into the Mobile Trench Brigade, which has been charged with protecting Earth from an evil invading force of television-like technical terrors known as the Monovision. To fend off the electrical invaders, players will jump into giant mechanized mobile trenches that they can customize to their tastes.

A hybridization of the third-person shooter and tower-defense genres, Trenched sees players erecting stationary defensive constructions as well as lurching about in their mechs. Trenched will also feature an online co-op mode, where gamers can join up with other players throughout the world to battle the invading force.

For more on Trenched, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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I am so getting this


Last year, we got a Crimson Skies substitute in Snoopy: Flying Ace. I hope Trenched makes me miss Mechassault a little less.