Trecision hires Dune II designer

The Italian game studio adds experienced game designer Rick Gush to its team. reported that Trecision Net-ert@inment has announced the addition of experienced game designer Rick Gush to the Italian game development studio. Gush, a screenwriter and novelist, was employed at Westwood Studios for eight years, where he worked as lead designer and helped create a number of games, including Dune II: Battle for Arrakis and the Legend of Kyrandia and Lands of Lore series. Gush will be leading the design and production teams for several games on both the PC and next-generation console platforms. In addition, he will be leading the development of an online game scheduled for release in 2002.

Trecision also announced that this February will mark its 10-year anniversary, which makes it the longest established game development studio in Italy. In addition to several next-generation console games and PC games, the company is working on a proprietary technology that will allow video games online publishing, which is scheduled for release this summer. Trecision plans to release its next game, The Watchmaker, later this year.

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