Total War: Rome II DLC to be Released for Free

Emperor Edition update, featuring the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack, set to launch on September 16.


Total War: Rome II

Gamers who already own Total War: Rome II will be given the Emperor Edition update for free, publisher Sega has announced.

Set for release on September 16, Emperor Edition comes with the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack DLC.

While those who already own the game can download the upgrade for free, newcomers can also purchase the Emperor Edition as a standalone package.

According to the game's synopsis, these new DLC missions "drops players into the outbreak of the great Roman civil war that gave rise to the first emperor. As Octavian, Marc Anthony and Lepidus clash for supremacy, how far will you go to ensure a lasting peace?"

A new trailer for the game can be found above.

Released in September 2013, Total War: Rome II is a flagship strategy game built by the Sega-owned UK studio The Creative Assembly.

GameSpot's Total War: Rome 2 review was positive about the PC and Mac title.

The review reads: "Technical issues aside, the upgrades to Rome II have helped blur the lines between tactics and strategy, creating a powerful, engaging drama that works well on every scale."

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