Total War: Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 compete for free DLC

Sega launches a quirky promotion for Valentine's Day, with one of the two games getting free DLC.


Company of Heroes 2
Total War: Rome II
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Sega has launched a quirky promotion for Valentine's Day, pitting the players of two of its PC titles--Total War: Rome II and Company of Heroes 2--against each other to compete for a free chunk of DLC.

The Make War Not Love contest will kick off at 10:00 PST/18:00 GMT today, with each victory secured in either game adding a singular point to a total tally. The game that racks up the most points in 72 hours will be declared the winner, and you'll be able to track the scores on Sega's site.

If Total War: Rome II takes the crown, Sega will give away the new Beasts of War DLC. If Company of Heroes 2 secures the lead, then two new multiplayer commanders will be given away. Whatever game wins, owners will get five days to download the content for free.

For the weekend, Sega has also reduced the price of both games by 50 percent on the Steam store.

Also potentially competing for your attention this weekend is The Last of Us: Left Behind, the Titanfall beta, and perhaps even your significant other.

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