Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - ALIENS!

This week's Top 5 Skyrim Mods sees Cam, Johnny and the ever brave Kevin VanNord face off against the terrifying Xenomorph Alien Horde!

Download this week's mods:

Zelda Music Swap by -cC+ Wolfy

aMidianBorn Blades Armor by CaBaL

ALIENS by Dogtown1

HD Armored Circlets by cyanideja

Goat Dynasty: Genesis by Fisto the Sexbot

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Always with the double posts :o

poormallard moderator staff

Afraid that we can't currently list the mods featured with download links on a standard video page, so this is the best way for us to provide them. Thankfully this will be a thing of the past when the new site launches :)