Top Android games - August 19, 2011

Newfangled brick-breaking antics, hack-and-slash adventuring, and getting some sweet ink are all on the agenda in this week's top Android releases.

Got an Android device and itching to play some games on it? Well, GameSpot is here to help, with our weekly top picks outlining the games that site editors around the world have been playing. So what Android titles should you check out this week?

Minecraft Pocket Edition--Xperia Play only

And, thus, the march of Minecraft on mobile devices begins. After being a surprise hit on the PC, the cult indie favorite Minecraft finally makes its way onto mobiles, although it's only available on Sony's Xperia Play for now (with other phones and platforms to come). This version of Minecraft is limited to classic mode, which allows you to build structures, thanks to its infinite supply of key resources. You won't be able to craft or try to fend off monster attacks as in the game's Survival mode, but you will be able to play with friends locally over Wi-Fi. The game looks and feels exactly as it does on the PC, and its controls are pretty easy to grasp, making use of the Play's shoulder buttons to good effect. There's also a free version available, which lets you play with a limited number of resources.

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Tattoo Tycoon

If ink is your thing, then Tattoo Tycoon is the sim game for you. This tattoo take on the tycoon genre sees you running a small tattoo parlor, consulting customers on the best ink for them and eventually getting needle to skin. Creating tattoos consists of two minigames--one to "select" a design and the second to actually ink the tattoo. Both can be pretty challenging, requiring deft reflexes to perform perfectly. You'll also need to continually keep your customers occupied, adding in new furniture, entertainment, and offerings to make your tattoo parlor equal parts cool hangout and great place to get ink. Tattoo Tycoon is a fun and involving sim game, and it's available both as a free download and as a premium paid package that takes away the ads.

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Eternity Warriors

Eternity Warriors is a swords and sorcery take on Gun Bros, which is no surprise, given that both games were created by Glu Mobile. In Eternity Warriors, you and an AI partner take on wave after wave of increasingly tough enemies, with the game essentially being a fast-paced, hack-and-slash action title. The gameplay is by no means a cerebral challenge, but it is satisfying to brutally hack your way through dozens of enemies. The game is free, but it is supported by microtransactions, meaning that some of the cooler weapons in the game will cost you real-world cash to access.

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Aces 3D Brick Breaker

Brick breaking is one of gaming's oldest genres, with Aces 3D Brick Breaker attempting to breathe new life into this style of gameplay. This 3D game has you controlling a transparent paddle as you bounce a ball toward different structures that you have to break, with the game adding in a variety of power-ups to help your cause. These can include a power-up to slow the ball down and lasers that can take out bricks for you. There's quite a lot of content to play through here, with more than 70 levels included, each with differing terrain that can seriously affect your brick-breaking antics. It may be an old genre, but Aces 3D Brick Breaker looks and feels fresh, and it is an easy recommendation for Android owners.

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GameSpot's weekly mobile games recommendation list aims to bring you a snapshot of what games the editorial team members around the globe are enjoying (or maybe regretting) on their phones and tablets. For more games, be sure to check out our previous coverage:
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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition