Tony Hawk Skates Onto Dreamcast

Good news Dreamcast owners, sources indicate that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater will land on the console early next year.


Rumors out of Europe indicated that the highly acclaimed Tony Hawk's Pro Skater would be landing on the Dreamcast next year. GameSpot News today spoke with Neversoft, the developer of the game, about the possibility, and it appears that it will definitely happen.

While the spokesperson for Neversoft could neither confirm nor deny the Dreamcast version (usually a good indication in itself that it is coming), he went on to mention that we should check with Activision to see if anything has been announced. Why would there be anything announced if the game wasn't in development? Something to think about. When contacted, Activision had no comment.

In any case, a future Dreamcast incarnation of the popular Tony Hawk's Pro Skater looks to be a happening. Hopefully we'll receive some sort of official confirmation in the near future.


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