TOCA Race Driver 2006 delayed

Next game in popular racing series slides to February.

Codemasters today announced that its much anticipated PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC racer TOCA Race Driver 2006, previously scheduled for a fourth quarter 2005 release, will not reach retail until February 2006.

When it does see release, TOCA Race Driver 2006 will challenge players to compete on more than 40 championship circuits over 35 different disciplines, including GT, off-road, open wheel, rally racing, and more.

Although the exact number of cars in the game hasn't been revealed yet, Codemasters is promising a diverse array of real competition cars, both current and historic, from the most modern BMW WilliamsF1 Team car to the Mercedes-Benz W25 Silver Arrow of the '30s, and from Formula Palmer Audis to Baja Beetles, and beyond.

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