Tip of the Week: Sharing User Videos

Learn how to share GameSpot user videos with others.

This week’s tip is about exposing your GameSpot user videos. One of the easiest ways to gain exposure can be set by choosing the public option during the process of uploading a new user video. The public option allows your video to surface on the user videos page , which is sorted by date. Also, if you flag your video with a related game it will also surface on the gamespace. The private option does not surface your video under these two locations, but it will display them on your videos page located in your profile.

If you would like to share more about the background of your recently uploaded user video, you should post the BB code in your blog. Click on Embed Icon and a window will open up with the BB code. Copy the BB code and paste the short text in your blog. Unfortunately, GameSpot does not allow the usage of video embeds in your blogs at this time. If you want to link to a user video outside GameSpot you are welcome to hyperlink the text and refer to the user video outside GameSpot.

The last tip is something everyone probably already knows: You can copy and paste the URL of your user video page and share this link on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any other site you are a part of.

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Yes, this is alright, but can we upload a couple of videogame music to listen to a selection of songs? Is it allowed? I don't wanna get in trouble if I'm not allowed to do that! Help. :| Please PM me if you can.