TimeSplitters 2 announced for the GameCube, Xbox

The first-person shooter sequel from Free Radical will appear on all three current-generation platforms.


TimeSplitters 2

Eidos has announced that TimeSplitters 2, which has already been announced for the PlayStation 2, is currently in development for the GameCube and Xbox as well. The game, which is being developed by Free Radical Design, is a first-person shooter that will feature a strong storyline and objective-based missions. The graphics engine used in the first game has been enhanced, allowing the development team to construct environments with more detail and more special effects. TimeSplitters 2 will feature single-player, cooperative, and multiplayer (including linked-console support) play modes, as well as a map editor that lets players create their own maps from scratch.

TimeSplitters 2 is scheduled for release on all three platforms this fall.

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