TimeGate Announces Kings of War

A follow-up to Kohan, TimeGate's acclaimed real-time strategy game from 2001, is in the works.

Texan developer TimeGate Studios has officially announced Kings of War, a real-time strategy game set in the world of Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, a game known for its innovative real-time strategy gameplay. In Kings of War, players will assume the role of one of the immortals leading the fight against an ancient evil threatening to destroy civilization.

Kings of War will feature a new 3D graphics engine that will depict a world full of magical splendor. The game will have six playable races and five political factions for players to choose from, and intense 3D battles will be waged between hundreds of units. Kings of War promises plenty of replay value, with unique multiplayer game modes, a 32-mission single-player campaign, adaptive AI for computer opponents, and an enhanced random map generator. TimeGate's Engage engine will provide players with a distinct level of control over units and their tactical organization.

"Kings of War will immerse players in a fantasy setting unlike any other," said Adel Chaveleh, president of TimeGate Studios. "Though the game incorporates popular characters and familiar settings from the Kohan series, the game itself has evolved radically to incorporate fully 3D buildings within the settlements, exciting new siege mechanics, and groundbreaking ways of controlling organizations and units."

Kings of War is scheduled for release in 2004.

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