Tigon Studios to service Bryan Singer

Butcher Bay studio announces deal with <i>X-Men</i> director for an all-new game, Secret Service.

Besides developing a sequel to The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, Vin Diesel's game company Tigon Studios is developing another new title. Like Butcher Bay, it will also involve top Hollywood talent in the form of X-Men and Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer.

According to an article in today's Hollywood Reporter, Singer is teaming up with Tigon to develop Secret Service, an all-new property. According to the Reporter, the game "will be a character-driven, tactical action adventure based on the life of a Secret Service agent who has been assigned to the president's detail." To add realism to the game, Singer has employed former White House staffer and Secret Service liaison Mark Feigin as cocreator and adviser to the project.

The Reporter also speculated that since Secret Service is an all-original IP and involves one of the film industry's hottest figures--Singer is currently directing the Superman remake--the game could likely spawn a film adaptation or other media. However, the article did not mention a release date or platform for the game or whether Singer, an award-winning screenwriter, would pen its script.

Although neither Tigon reps nor Singer could be reached for comment as of press time, GameSpot News will have more details on Secret Service as they emerge.

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So wait there making a game where you follow someone about all day just incase some nutter shoots at him. Well here's hoping it ain't a fps.


Wait, keeping it really accurate might be a bit boring though, no? I mean, being in the secret service can't be all shooting and fighting... what fun is a game without some form of violence?! :P