Tiger Woods returns as the PGA Tour Golf cover athlete

Electronic Arts extends its contract with Tiger Woods, who will once again be the official cover athlete for the company's PGA Tour game.

Electronic Arts has announced that it has extended its contract with professional golfer Tiger Woods. The PGA star has signed a five-year contract extension and will appear in upcoming incarnations of EA's PGA Tour Golf franchise. Woods will appear in all console versions of the upcoming game, and he recently finalized the motion-capture and voice work for the next installment in the sports game series.

"I am thrilled to continue my relationship and involvement with EA Sports, the definitive sports brand in the video game industry," Woods said of his involvement with the PGA Tour Golf games. "It is always important that I align myself with the best brands in each product category. Just as I'm always pushing myself to improve my golf game, Electronic Arts continues to push the envelope in the video game space and produce the best titles. For me, I grew up playing video games, and there's nothing better than partnering with EA Sports. It is great to know there are kids playing this game who are learning about the game of golf for the first time and seeing how fun and energized the sport truly is.''

Sales of EA's PGA Tour games have nearly doubled since the addition of Tiger Woods as its official cover athlete. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 will be released on the PlayStation 2 in early 2002.

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