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Set in feudal Japan, Throne of Darkness is an isometric action-RPG in which you'll direct your party of AI-driven samurai against dragons, spirits, and the Dark Warlord's minions.

Throne of Darkness is an isometric action-RPG set in feudal Japan. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the Dark Warlord through a series of increasingly difficult confrontations in a campaign that includes 10 expansive levels, each with numerous side quests. Sierra picked up publishing rights for Throne, its second RPG for the year, from Acclaim last fall. The game is similar to Diablo, a natural influence since Click Entertainment's founders were involved in the design of Blizzard's hit.

One of the game's most unique features is the inclusion of party play into the action-oriented gameplay. To avoid excessive micromanagement in the heat of battle, you can direct your party of AI-driven samurai by setting tactical modes. There are seven distinct samurai including commando, archer, and wizard specialists. In the game you'll combat 20 monster types based on medieval Japanese traditions, from undead warriors to giant dragons and evil spirits.

The multiplayer game allows up to 35 players to cooperatively or competitively challenge the Dark Warlord's seven lieutenants and untold numbers of minions. Click is also attempting to blend the single- and multiplayer gaming experience by giving players the option of playing as the Dark Warlord online once they complete the solo campaign.

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