Threat Con Delta announced

Metro3D will publish ASK Studios' shooter for the PS2.

Metro3D has announced that it has added Threat Con Delta to its 2003 lineup. The game takes place as terrorists attempt to take over the world and players defend their homeland by manning one of several realistically rendered attack helicopters, each with its own arsenal of deadly weaponry. Missions contain multiple objectives, and players can use terrain to their advantage as they try to overpower enemy forces and survive heavy attacks.

"Threat Con Delta is a fantastic addition to Metro3D's library of titles scheduled for release in Q4 2003 and will appeal to enthusiasts who love action and smart combat strategy," said Joseph Morici, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Metro3D. "Broadening our depth of offerings for the ever-popular PlayStation 2 game console, Threat Con Delta pushes the wargame category to a new level where traditional war strategies meet modern-day guerilla warfare and terrorism."

Threat Con Delta is scheduled to ship in November for the PlayStation 2.

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