This week on GameSpot: Spot talk with Tom McShea and Upcoming Reviews

Today's GameSpot Blog features this week's game releases, reviews, and a Spot talk with a mystery guest!


Hello there GameSpotters! It’s monday which means it’s time for us to share with you some of the awesome GameSpot original content that we’ll be serving up this week. We’d also like to take a second to tell you how awesome you are for reading the official GameSpot blog, really it makes you a champion among men. Now let’s get blogging!

What to Look Forward to

Game of the Month - January Announced

While there wasn’t a whole lot that came out last month, we still wanted to give credit where credit was due and announce the winner for Game of the Month for January. The games in the running are: Banner Saga, Olli Olli, Nidhogg, and Broken Age: Act One. Which game has your vote for best January title?

Spot Talk Q&A with Tom McShea plus one!

This week on Spot Talk, we'll be joined by Tom McShea and a mystery guest who will also be in the comments to discuss their insight, reason, or heck just gabber with you, our awesome GameSpotters.

Ace Combat Interview

This week, editor Peter Brown will be sitting down with Kazutoki Kono, Manager of Ace Combat to talk about about the game. Pete’s keeping these details close to the chest but be sure to keep an eye out for his interview later this week.

Bravely Default Developer Interview

We’ll be meeting with Tomoya Asano, the Producer of Bravely Default to talk about some of the details that went into making this game so amazing.

This Week in Reviews

For the start of February, we tease plenty of games to look forward to. Octodad, Outlast, The Wolf Among Us Ep. 2, Strike Vector, Dangaronpa, Fable Anniversary, and Starbound Early Access are just a few reviews. We’re also taking a second look at Assassin’s Creed IV:

New Releases

We leave January behind and enter February this week is looking like we're off to a good start with new releases with strong titles like Bravely Default, and A Wolf Among Us: Episode 2.

Tuesday – February 4

A Wolf Among Us: Episode 2, Fable Anniversary, Dustforce, Adam's Venture Chronicles.

Wednesday – February 5


Thursday – February 6

The LEGO Movie Video Game(PC).

Friday – February 7

The LEGO Movie Video Game, Bravely Default, Jazzpunk.

Bugging Out

Nothing major to report today sadly, lots of tiny things though. Remember, if you encounter a bug, or think something just isn’t quite right, make sure you head over to the Bug Report and Feedback forum to let us know what’s up.

That’s all we can share with you today, make sure you’re following us and checking in for the latest and greatest in games with your favorite spot to talk.



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