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Garrett’s world in this revival of Thief is a city of scattered treasures and vigilant watchmen. Depending on how you use Garrett, a prized artifact is only a swoop away or careless movement can summon a guard within seconds. If the downtrodden bystanders of the city weren’t so lazy, they too might notice the odd goblet or coin in a corner or alley. Moving within the shadows is more challenging than it looks and we hope this video walkthrough will give you ideas on most of the levels’ stealthier paths. These clips also offer mission solutions, best practices and even a few lessons on what not to do.


Chapter 1: Lockdown

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need

Chapter 5: The Forsaken

Chapter 6: A Man Apart

Chapter 7: The Hidden

Chapter 8: The Dawn's Light

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Lol, spamming the news section with all these Thief walkthrough guide parts. First you have Thief Walkthrough and then Thief Walkthrough part 1, 2, 3...9.

Kevin-V moderator staff

@Hurvl  Sadly, there's no way for me to avoid that the way the site currently works. Anything that isn't a review pops up under the news feed. I know, it's dumb.