Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 9

Chapter 8: The Dawn's Light


When you begin this chapter, ignore the stairs on the left and head for the crawl space on the right. Travel through the tunnel and you’ll emerge to a couple mutated humans, so stay quiet and head right. Follow the tracks until you reach the locked door, which simple requires lockpicking. Continue down the path until you’ve reach what appears to be a small town. Don’t take the brightly-lit, heavily-patrolled path. Instead, take the tunnel on the right. Traverse the gap by taking climbing across the blue-tinted pipes. Before you progress further, note the guard coming in your direction. Stay hidden for an easy takedown. As you emerge to the lit area, cross to the other end to find a staircase. Ascend the staircase and feel free to take down, steal from, or ignore the guard looking over the balcony. Continue up the stairs and into the room with the two guards. Play your cards right, you’ll be able to elude then with the little room that you have. After you’ve exited the room, drop down to the next area, which will give you access to a merchant. Be sure to buy at least one arrow for headshots, a water arrow, and a fire arrow. Continue right and look left at the stack of boxes. Climb the boxes and follow the tracks. While ignoring the patrol, stay on the right side of the area and climb up to the next level using the claw. Fire a rope dart to the point of attachment above you. Use the rope to climb up to the platform above. Get on the platform and jump to the rope at the other end of the platform. Descend to board the ship.

Just when you were done going down that rope, you have to climb up a set of pipes again. With the help of your claw, traverse the pipes and the grates to the ship’s upper levels. When you’ve run out of pipes, drop down and take the stairs. When you reach the hallway, ignore the door to your left and progress forward to the next staircase. Watch to the guard walking toward you; feel free to take him down. The next section is packed with patrols, so we opted for a simple arrow headshot to the most visible guard. Move past the dead guard and make a right. Keep going up the steps until you see a sign with an X over a circle. Above it is another claw point for you to use. Climb up and drop into an elevator shaft.

After the doors open, dispatch with the guard however you like, then go right. It’s also recommended you take over the guard in the next room. After doing so, look for the two nearby doors. Take the one on the left and pick the lock. After opening the door, jump toward the rope and climb down. Notice the two guards and the dark spot between them? The dark spot is flammable, perfect for the fire arrow you bought. Take them out by burning them, then pick the lock of the door they were guarding and enter. Continue down the hall and open the next two doors and enjoy the next cutscene.

It’s another encounter with Erin. Dash to the first waypoint while ignoring all the frozen NPCs. Erin will disappear when you try to touch her. The next objective is to find her again, but to do so without her spotting you. Do this by climbing to the ceiling and by navigating your way to the brightest glow below (which is where Erin will be). To be safe, we crouched and moved quietly so as not to alert her. You have to follow Erin once away, but there’ll be a couple mutated humans along the way, so tread carefully and quietly. Touch Erin to trigger the final sequence of the game.

The goal of this “boss fight” is to collect the three stone fragments. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by collecting them in order of distance, from closest to furthest. Beginning from the entrance, head left to find the first fragment. Continue along the left side of the map until you’re forced to turn right. Cross the plank to grab the second piece. Drop to the lower level to find the third fragment. Erin’s attacks are only lethal if you’re exposed to light, so travel between shadows while she’s prepping her next attack. Once you’ve collected all the pieces, go to Erin and interact with her to complete the game.

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