Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 8

Chapter 7: The Hidden


As you approach the cathedral, look for the locked door that Garrett can lockpick. Alternatively, you can follow the left side of the map to an ascending ramp you can only access while crouched. Climb up the wall at the end of the ramp to reveal the entrance of the cathedral. Notice the guard near the cathedral door next to the scaffolding? Use any means necessary to distract him and access the scaffold and the tight passage to the cathedral interior. Amusingly enough, alert guards won’t give chase once you’re inside.

Look around this first room at your leisure and hit the bell when you’re ready to proceed to the next area. Once the thick metal door opens, stand atop the boxes to the right, and wait for the two guards to pass. You can also enjoy the floating glitch we triggered. Once inside the cathedral proper, head right and use your swooping talents to stay hidden. The path will lead you to the other side of the cathedral and a level to call up a supply elevator. A number of guards might come to inspect the lever, so swoop to narrow hiding space next to the main elevator shaft while you wait for the supple elevator to arrive. As the elevator breaks, jump to the blue grate where you can attach your claw. After you’ve run out of attachment points, drop down to being your slow journey up the hidden city.

Be sure to look for crawl spaces and watch out for traps. Eventually you’ll come across a trio of guards. They’re definitely not on alert so taking them out isn’t a problem; two of them are in your path. After several more steps along the ascending path, you’ll once again encounter the mutated humans. Pass them by like you have before, by moving slowly and quietly. Take the path on the left marked with the white paint. Climb up the ledge and turn the dial to open the gate (which won’t alert the mutants). Go up the stairs and walk by the trap to find flame emerging from a pipe. Wait for the fire to disappear, go up then turn left. Turn the dial to turn off the gas. The next section is especially vertical, and thus, fun. Just look around for climbing points and hooking spots for the claw. Eventually you’ll be stalking a pair of guards from above. Wait for them to leave and follow the guy who takes the left path. Before he turns around, squeeze between the tight space on the guard’s left. You’ll then come across another dial; turn it to open the gated door, revealing the path to the next area, the rotunda.

Head toward the guards and when you’re about 15 feet away, dart to the right toward the descending stairs. Go down, then go up, and approach the second section of this map. Stay hidden in the darkness as the next pair of guards converse. Notice the boxes and scaffolding near the guards. What seems like a lengthy chat between the two will eventually end. When it does, climb the boxes and the scaffolding. Jump toward the rope. After climbing a few feet, jump to the catwalk on the right. Run along the side of the wall until you the waypoint. When you go over the wall, look for another dial to open another heavy door.

You’ll reach the ceremony, now frozen in a new hallucination. Move around it and collect the stone fragment. Move toward the center of the ceremony to interact with Orion and trigger the boss fight with the General.

It’s a rare game that offers the unusual option of escaping a boss fight, but we did just that. If you don’t have a water arrow, you can find one on top of one of the boxes. Use it to extinguish the flame near the exit. You need to turn two dials to open the door. One will be to your right at the start of the boss fight. The other dial will be at the opposite end of the room. If you have another water arrow, use it on the flame by the second dial. Otherwise, wait for the General to have his back to you when you are ready to turn the second dial. The last step is to pick the lock of your exit. Since you’ve extinguish the light source by the door, you can take your time with this lock pick. Escape to complete the chapter.

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