Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 7

Chapter 6: A Man Apart


From your starting point in the manor, move straight toward the next courtyard. Veer toward the manor on the left; you might spot a couple crossbow archers running to a higher level. There are two paths leading to the front door. Facing the manor, take the path on the right. The top of the stairs reveals a tight patrol of four guards, but it’s surprising how easy it is to get past them. It partially helps that they’re often facing away from the manor. Simply use the very few dark spots of the area to stay hidden (refer to the video for more details). You actually cannot access the manor through the front door. Swoop to the left side of the manor to reveal another courtyard.

This section is slightly trickier even though there are fewer guards. While in the dark, head toward the railing above the staircase. There’s an alcove to the right with a couple treasures. When the guard are facing away the railing, hop over it and drop down to the bottom of the staircase. Immediately make a 180-degree turn and swoop into the room to elude the guards’ suspicions. If done correctly, no one should be coming down the stairs, giving you all the time in the world to pick the lock.

This initial section inside the manor might be free of guards, but it isn’t free of traps. Be sure to use the vision ability often, and if you have the wire cutter tool, have it ready for trap disarming. It’s a manor, so you’re looking at a wealth of treasure in every room. If you’re not interested in optional looting, head for the waypoint on the second floor. Move toward the waypoint (watch out for traps!) until your reach the barricaded door (you’ll know by the sounds of the paranoid chatter on the other side of the door). Take the crawl space above the barricade and drop down. As with prior climbable pipes, look for the glowing blue ones. Travel along the blue pipes until you emerge into a new area with an elevator in the middle of a tower. By using all four sides of the elevator column exterior, climb up until you reach the ceiling. You’ll be briefly interrupted by the spinning gears of an ascending elevator; just wait for the gears to stop. When you’ve reached the top-most pipe, drop down to the staircase and approach the door. After the next cutscene, you’ll descend down an elevator yourself.

The next heavily guarded area is one of the more challenging parts of the game, especially if you want to stay undetected. Whether you want to sneak flawlessly or make a break for it, the entrance to the Ceremonial Room is two large rooms away, requiring two left turns. As you near the waypoint, look for a stack of boxes and the crouch space at the bottom. Pass that to reach the safe zone. Feel free to look around the area, as well as an upper adjacent level for additional loot. Once you’re satisfied, search one of the corner walls of the Ceremonial Room for a hidden brick switch.

As you advance through the secret passage, you’ll eventually reach a puzzling contraption. It’s pretty straight forward after you realize what you need to do: Create enough vibration at key points of the glass cylinder in order to break it. The left dial raises and lowers the spinning rings, while the right dial adjusts the pressure. Simply switch between the dials and you should start seeing cracks in the glass emerge. Once destroyed, you can grab the stone fragment.

After a bit of a surprise, you’ll end up in a sewer and the start of the longest escape sequence of the game. There are only a few dead ends, so finding the exit won’t take much time. Once you emerge, walk all the way to the other end of the dock and look for a spooled rope. Attack it to free the flipped boat, which you can use as a bridge. Be ready to spot climbing points, ropes to ascend, and gaps to jump. You’ll eventually come across a small collapsing wooden column. It will reveal another hook point for your claw. Keep jumping and climbing by way of the left trigger and you should reach the end of the chapter with minimal retries.


After a lengthy cutscene in the clocktower, head for the cathedral. The city is burning but there are still patrols searching for you. The usual sneak tactics will get you to the waypoints and the start of Chapter 7.

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