Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 6

Chapter 5: The Forsaken


It doesn’t get more labyrinthine than the asylum of Chapter 5. The first half of the journey is free of human NPCs so all you have to worry about is solving a few spatial puzzles. As long as you inspect each room as you make your way to each waypoint and turn every dial, you’ll be in good shape.

First, make your way to the courtyard and look around for a minute; the front door will mysteriously open for you. Make your way to the Women’s Ward and you’ll notice a locked steel door (about 15 meters from the waypoint). Read the notice hanging above the keyhole. This will change the waypoint to the Men’s Ward, which is the location of the key. Once you reach the room with the waypoint, read the document titled ‘The Archivist’. Then go to the adjacent room and read the document near the fountain pen, titled ‘Room Numbers’. Head to the room closest to the waypoint and notice you’ll be able to enter a crouch space into another room. Look for an item that looks like a toy tower. This is the key you’ll need to access the Women’s Ward.

Once inside the Women’s Ward, you might spot a number of non-hostile ghosts. Feel free to follow them if you like and pick up any treasures along the way. When you’re ready to go the next waypoint, you’ll have to climb up to the ledge around the room’s exterior. Go through the crawl space and drop down to the room with the waypoint. Walk to the adjacent room and read the doc titled ‘Patient Transfer’. The next few waypoints are very straight forward until you power the generator and hit the nearby switch.

You’ll have to use your stealth skills again now that you’ve opened the asylum doors. These patients might seem more aggressive than your prior enemies, but their senses aren’t any more acute. As long as you swiftly head for the waypoint, the metal barrier (which you can pass by crawling) will separate you from the assailants. Now that they’re safe, call up the elevator.

You might’ve seen the game’s mutated humans before, but this next area is your first time interacting with them up close. They are actually harmless, provided you move slowly and quietly as they’re apparently blind and move based on sound. And don’t worry about making noise by hitting switches; the mutants won’t notice. Continue to the waypoints until the next cutscene.

This hallucination sequence is the homestretch of the chapter. While waypoints aren’t present at all times, use the poppy flowers and closed doors (meant to be opened) as guides. You’ll eventually come across the same portrait of Garrett from Erin’s Mill, except now there are many of them. Walk over to the portrait with the false eye and use your lockpick on it. After picking up a couple more flowers and opening a few doors, you’ll come across an apparition of Erin. Try to talk to her to trigger the chapter’s last cutscene. You’ll eventually find yourself at the entrance of the asylum. Exit to complete the chapter.


Same process as before: Use your surroundings and sneaking skills to reach each waypoint. This journey takes you back to where it all started: Northcrest Manor.

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The mutants on chapter 5 part 2 are not blind on my ps3 version! I can't even sneak by them with out alerting them. I can be standing completely still and they walk towards me see me and start slashing me! I've updated both of my stealth options so how do I get by them like you did in the walk through?? HELP!!