Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 5

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need



The path to the manor is fuss-free: simply traverse the balconies and ledges toward the waypoint. Getting inside the Architect’s grand house isn’t that much more difficult. Stay hidden along the left path, which includes a safe drop on a large pipe. Once on the ground, stay left and move slow so as not to alert the caged dog. Move along the path until you see two guards conversing at the steps of the front door. Wait for their conversation to end. The guard in the heavy coat will walk down the steps, giving you just enough room to sneak behind him and access the front door. If you move swiftly during this initial section of the chapter, you’ll arouse minimal suspicion without triggering a full alert.

Once inside the grand house, progress down its hallways until your reach the main staircase, inconveniently blocked by a guard, not to mention another guard at the top of the steps. Before dealing with them, extinguish all nearby candle flames. Use a diversionary tool like a bottle to arouse their suspicions. You can also stand at a distance within in their field of vision and make them come to you without going on full alert. Take advantage of the four-sided path around the stairs to send the guards on a wild goose chase, eventually opening a free path up the stairs.

Follow the waypoint to a room with books strewn about and two NPCs. Notice all the darkness in the room? It’s laughable how two NPCs are essentially harmless if you take advantage of the dark and the room’s various corners. Improve your situation by extinguishing the fireplace with a water arrow. Use your vision ability to spot the hidden switch among the books. Travel along the linear path (including a elevator ride) to the study.

While in the study, look for the ladder and climb it. Look for the framed blueprint and search it for a hidden switch. This will reveal the diorama puzzle. This is one of the simpler puzzles in the game: Starting from the bottom of the tower, rotate the pieces until you match the real tower in the distance. Be sure to use the tower windows as a guide.

The ensuing escape sequence is best approached by not overthinking. Just make your way toward the tower and adapt to each incoming rooftop and balcony while dashing. You can take a breather once Garrett is on ground level. Use the stack of boxes and the rope to get to the next checkpoint. The path will stay linear until you get to the next loading screen.

While this tower is an unwelcome fortification, you don’t have to worry about the guards at first. You need to concern yourself with all the flame blasts and falling pipes in between you and the next waypoint. The genuinely lethal obstacle in this section is the giant piston, which you can pass with proper timing. Again, don’t worry about the soldiers, just pay attention to the flames coming out of the pipes. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you reach a dial that opens a door to the next area.

You’ll come across a locked door which you can pick, and then an elevator to reach Basso. Follow the waypoint and take any loot and documents along the way. After the reunion, Garrett will part from Basso and make his way toward to the Great Safe via elevator. When the elevator stops, look up and use your claw to climb out. Jump on the other elevator and climb in the adjacent vent. At the waypoint, pull the switch to reveal the safe.

The first step to opening the safe is to press the two buttons on each side of the safe; it’s on a timer so press these buttons quickly. The combination of the safe is 3, 1, 9 and 0, 1, 8.

This section demands that you use everything you’ve learned so far about dealing with guards in an enclosed space. Use their own senses against them and thin their numbers with takedowns. It’s a map with multiple tiers and claw attachment points so be sure to use the terrain to your advantage. The key is to divert the soldiers away from the safe, giving you enough time and space to complete the combination. Despite all the noise that the safe makes, the soldiers won’t come after you.

Interact with the stone fragment to trigger another hallucination sequence. This area is more linear than it looks. As long as you don’t backtrack, you’ll come across a statue. Interact with it and enjoy the resulting cutscene to complete the chapter.


As usual, leave the clocktower once you’re ready for the next chapter. While the town is in upheaval, it’s no more or less dangerous that before, so you’ll be fine by using the standard stealth techniques. Soon you’ll find yourself in the South Quarter/Riverside section of town. Even if you’re unfamiliar with this area, it only takes basic stealth skills to elude the patrols. Continue toward the waypoint, The Siren’s Rest tavern for yet another reunion with Basso. After the cutscene, go to the nearby boat and, assuming you’re ready, start Chapter 5.

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