Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 3

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust


The east side of this first area reveals a crawl space you can access using the wrench. To reach it, first drop to the lowest area below your starting point and pass under the bridge. Many of these crawl spaces might seem like they have dead ends. If you think you’re stuck, simply looking up will reveal either an exit or an extension of the crawl space.

The second section of this map is very light on patrols. As long as you move along the right side of the map, you won’t be spotted. Use the vision ability to spot climbing points. Traverse the side of the building and you’ll eventually find the next ventilation duct. Be ready to execute an aerial takedown.

The first indoor area of this mission will have at least three guards. We managed to ignore the lone watchmen on the upper level and focused on the two guards on the lower level. It’s a very dark space, so taking down these guys shouldn’t be much trouble. Use the wrench to access another ventilation duct. By following the waypoint, you’ll reach the conveyer systems used to move the corpses.

The lesson of this mission: If you want to steal from a corpse, you have to become one. When you get close to the conveyer hook waypoint, do not jump. Instead, get close enough on the ledge so the action prompt appears. As you ride this slow and morbid track, pay attention to the next waypoint. If you’re unsure when to disembark, Garrett will say, “Time to get off.” Drop down and be mindful of the patrols. One guard will show up on the lower level; whether to sneak by him or take him out is up to you. After cleaning out the adjacent office, go into the nearby vent. You’ll end up in another room with yet another vent, which you should use.

You’ll find yourself in a larger, two-tiered space with a number of NPCs on the upper level. If you walk down the length of the initial path, you’ll eventually be forced to turn left. There you’ll find a grate to climb with your hook. Be mindful of the broken glass. This area has a number of items to collect, not to mention guards to loot, but those are best addressed in another playthrough. For now, walk to the edge of the same ledge you climbed and trigger the action prompt to hook yourself to the corpse conveyer once again. You’ll know when to unhook yourself by the sight of the guards you’ll want to avoid. When you drop down, simply continue on the path ahead of you and you’ll eventually reach the furnace.

This area lets you put your swooping skills to the test. All you have to do is stay on the left side of the examination tables and swoop to each one based on the timing of the furnace openings. While crouched, you can steal from each corpse on each table without being detected. More importantly, you’re here for the ring the general took. Assuming you’ve peeked through the general’s office window, turn around and face the furnaces. You should see a grate where you can hook and climb. Once up there, follow the vent into the office.

The general has “safely” kept the ring in a strongbox, which actually isn’t that strong. Simply focus on the center of the puzzle and notice how a circle can be made by rotating the middle pieces. Complete the circle to open the box.

While the escape is harder than it looks, it helps to use the waypoint indicators as a guide. And don’t let the angered general rush you; he might have a booming voice but it won’t make the watchmen any more alert than usual. The usual shadow blending works, but we managed to slip by a couple guards unalerted simply by moving swiftly and making the most of the claw. Depending on where you tread, the homestretch might reveal an unfortunate surprise or two. If you are spotted and don’t want to take on the guards head-on, use many of the map’s elevated points to evade attacks and reach the end of the chapter.


After the cutscene and any business you want to take care of in the clocktower, leave your hideaway for your next mission. As the waypoint indicator will show, you’ll be travelling away from the plaza this time around. If you haven’t done so, use an arrow to lower the raised bridge along your path. You might enjoy the stealth and convenience of the higher areas, but you’ll have to go below ground level to reach the Black Alley. Enjoy the 3-minute cutscene.

Before starting the third chapter, you have to visit an old friend. Like you, Erin had her own hideout. Use the shadows and stealth fundamentals to access the South Quarter. The path to your waypoint in South Quarter has at least four patrolmen, so pay attention to their patterns. There’s also a hazardous drop on the other side of one of the balconies along your path.


If you haven’t been cautious about traps so far, this area will make sure are from now on. Erin’s Mill will also introduce you to in-plain-sight switches, which you’ll encounter in later missions as well. You’re alone in this area so you don’t have to worry about guards.

Explore the mill while toggling your focus to spot traps and switches. When you reach the darker areas of the mill, look around for a particularly bright glow, not to be confused with the glowing plants on the floor. Apparition of Erin is the source of the bright glow and a conversation with her will start automatically. She’ll eventually ask you to look for signs in a room, three posters to be specific. The first two are rough sketches of thieves. The third one is a portrait of Garrett himself and interacting with it will trigger a flash of light. Interact with the portrait again to press a hidden switch, revealing a medallion. With your job done here, leave the mill.

The last path to Chapter 3 has its share of guards, but nothing that hiding in the shadows can’t take care of. And lastly, if you’re having trouble crossing the water to the final waypoint, look for the bridge lever on the walkway.

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