Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 2

Chapter 1: Lockdown


After arousing suspicions while being hauled in a cart, Garrett’s escapes into the shadows of the city. As much as Garrett derided Erin for relying on her claw tool, here he is using it to access those hard-to-reach areas. Be sure to use the vision ability to spot all available points where you can hook the claw; you might find that such access points are your only routes to key areas of the map.

Before you can reach your clocktower hideout, you must pass through the jeweler, an awfully fitting stop for a thief. We opted to access the jeweler’s first floor beams by way of a passage found in the alley next to the jeweler (if you’re facing the front of the shop, it’s on the right). Look for the vertical grate and use the claw to access the passage. Take advantage of the beams to literally get the drop on the patrolling guard. There are four other occupants in this building: the jeweler in the basement, his wife on the second floor, and two guards napping on the job, so your best bet is to move around the shop quietly and crouched. There are lots and lots of valuables to collect in this area, so take your time with each drawer and bureau.

After leaving the jeweler (via the second floor window), access the nearby townhouse. There’s not much here, so looting this place won’t take much time. This will put you at the homestretch before reaching the clocktower, but there will be some guards in your way, as we learned the hard way. We opted to make a run for it, which is as much an option as it is in taking them out. Ideally, you should sneak by them unnoticed, which is certainly another option.


It’s your first time in the clocktower, so there isn’t much to do here aside from admire your first haul of valuables. Also note the storage chest, which can be helpful in amassing sneaking tools for later missions. The only exit is the glowing window; go through it when you’re ready for your next mission.

Your next waypoint is The Crippled Burrick, a pub that shares the same plaza as the clocktower. Notice how the waypoint indicator is encouraging you to take the pub’s backdoor? That’s where you should be headed; it’s also a reminder that it’s easier to access many building in this game by taking the indirect approach. It doesn’t take long to figure out the walking patterns of the watchmen, so it doesn’t hurt to take a minute or two to study their movements. You can also get a lot of practice swooping from shadow to shadow. This reunion with Basso will reveal your next mission, but before you leave, be sure to talk to him again to access Basso’s Jobs, which is where you get the game’s side missions.


Before leaving The Crippled Burrick, the game will introduce you to the merchant. By now you’ve seen the benefits of tools like the rope dart and the fire-extinguishing water arrow. The one item we highly recommend your purchase first is the wrench under the Tools and Upgrades tab. As your find out in the next chapter, the wrench will allow you to bypass a number of patrols with surprising ease. Moreover, be sure to keep your eyes out for metal plaques on exterior walls around town. They’re collectables and can only be removed with the wrench. The end of this video will show one of the plaques you can steal.

After leaving the pub, the next few waypoint indicators will guide you to a graveyard. This route is light on patrols, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious and peek around corners regularly. Once you reach The Old Chapel, you’ll trigger a cutscene as well as info on your next mission.

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