There's nothing brand new here in TGS 2012 - Keiji Inafune

Former Capcom R&D head feels that this year's Japan gaming show still relies on sequels; partnership with Sony offers good and brand new challenges.


Soul Sacrifice

Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, has always been outspoken about the Japanese games industry; his thoughts about this year's Tokyo Game Show is on par with his previous thoughts.

The former Capcom R&D head said that he has the same feeling as every other attendant in the show floor about the relevance of TGS 2012 during an Asia group interview session for Soul Sacrifice on September 21. "There's nothing brand new here in TGS 2012; there's just too many sequels.

He continues: "It's a huge challenge to bring out new IPs in the gaming landscape here. With Soul Sacrifice and our partnership with Sony, this may bring in new obstacles to overcome, but we like new and good challenges. Hopefully other publishers can take on that spirit more."

On a related note, he said that the game Soul Sacrifice was something he could not have created without a huge sacrifice on his part: his departure from Capcom.

For more information, check out GameSpot's preview of the title.

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