There will be a Moment of Silence in North America

The Adventure Company announces that it will publish the futuristic political thriller in North America next month.

Questions about the availability of The Moment of Silence in North America were answered today when The Adventure Company announced that it will publish the PC adventure title in February. The game was developed by German-based House of Tales and was released late last year in Europe. Gamers will be transported to New York City in the year 2044 and assume the role of Peter Wright, an ad executive working on the government's "Freedom of Speech" campaign. Wright's eyes are opened to a world of corruption when his neighbor is inexplicably carted off by a SWAT team. The game features multiple dialogue choices that are delivered with real-time facial expressions, 75 realistic locations, and a half hour of full-screen video.

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The Moment of Silence

The Moment of Silence