The Ward Demo Available

Fragile Bits releases a playable demo of its upcoming adventure game, which is being published by On Deck Interactive.

Fragile Bits Interactive has released a playable demo of The Ward, its upcoming adventure game based in space. The game is being published by On Deck Interactive, a division of Gathering of Developers dedicated to up-and-coming development studios. The game begins after the Apollo XIX mission encounters some surprising seismic activity on the Moon. Players assume the role of David Walker, the lone survivor of a mysterious disaster. Walker must complete his mission in order to take the final step in the course of human history. For more information about The Ward, read our previous articles about the game, which are linked below.

The Ward is scheduled for release on January 23 for a suggested retail price of US$19.99. The 26MB playable demo can be downloaded from the link below.

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