The Vehicles of Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory

Today, we're focusing on the vehicles you'll use to run the shadiest of cargo. Get a preview of the goodies lined up in your garage.

Our weeklong coverage of Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territories continues today with a breakdown of the vehicles that you'll have access to. There's a great variety of them, to be sure, and they all look and feel genuinely distinct. The cars are inarguably the stars of the game, and you'll be pleased to know that they were painstakingly rendered and that their mechanics have been thoughtfully engineered. While there are some pretty standard vehicles among the ranks, there are even more that are fairly outlandish--the Kavostov is a good example.

So check out the particulars of the vehicles' statistics, and scope the shots of them in action. Our coverage will continue throughout the week, so check back tomorrow for more. Without further ado, here are the vehicles.

The buggy is fast and stable, though somewhat light and flighty.

Super Buggy

Speed: 80
Acceleration: 90
Handling: 66
Weight: 53

The buggy is the prototypical off-road vehicle: It's fairly balanced and excels nicely in a couple of areas-- namely, acceleration rate and top speed. It's the vehicle that you'll start out with and one that you'll likely use through your shady career. It features 4-wheel independent suspension, making it totally ideal to the tasks at hand.

The D-5 Hondo is stable and relatively quick, making it a good choice for many missions.

D-5 Hondo

Speed: 65
Acceleration: 55
Handling: 70
Weight: 64

This jeep is extremely well suited to illegal off-road driving. The 4WD vehicle is relatively light, but the power of its torque can't be messed with. Its handling is very solid, though, and when it comes to uphill power, the Hondo is peerless.

High speed, coupled with an intimidating girth, makes the truck very appealing.

Baja Truck

Speed: 71
Acceleration: 68
Handling: 67
Weight: 75

This converted racing truck has a sizable payload on which to carry hooch, making it a very useful tool to a person inclined to transport it covertly. It has a very stable suspension system, and its V8 engine has power to spare. It's the ideal vehicle to use when you require a combination of power and stability.

The ATV is perfect for quick in-and-out missions.

ATV Monster

Speed: 44
Acceleration: 100
Handling: 72
Weight: 24

This small vehicle is ideal for quick runs through relatively small areas. The boost that it comes equipped with outclasses basically every other vehicle, and its acceleration rate is similarly unmatched. It can't really hang with the others in terms of top speed, but given the situations in which you'll be using it, you'll likely not have much need for this. Be careful with spills, though--they tend to get ugly.

If you want to race through the off-road environments with the ferocity of a racecar, look no further.

Special Du Monde

Speed: 88
Acceleration: 85
Handling: 52
Weight: 62

This converted rally car excels in both top speed and acceleration, for which it compromises stability--you'll notice this when you fishtail to no end, after peeling out after a long jump, among other situations. Still, if used for its primary function--namely, high-speed chases down relatively straight, flat paths--it will definitely serve you well.

This SUV is the most well-rounded car in the game, making it useful in a variety of situations.

Dakar Special

Speed: 76
Acceleration: 62
Handling: 82
Weight: 83

A far cry from the ubiquitous suburban transportation device, the Dakar Special is an SUV in its intended environment: harsh, hilly, and vicious. The most well-rounded vehicle in your garage, the Dakar Special features excellent speed ratings, and its handling and weight ensure that it will emerge at the top of most crash rumbles. Truly a smuggler's friend.

A converted military vehicle, the Grenadier is heavy--and tough.


Speed: 50
Acceleration: 48
Handling: 47
Weight: 91

This enormous vehicle is possessed by a speed uncharacteristic of its size. The fact that it's all-wheel drive and armed with independent suspension makes it surprisingly maneuverable to boot. This is truly one for those seeking to destroy the forces of the law, by means of aggressive vehicular contact.

Equipped with tank treads, the Kavostov is ready to smash anything in its path.


Speed: 73
Acceleration: 42
Handling: 64
Weight: 100

The Kavostov is a ridiculously massive truck with tank treads in place of its rear wheels. Its top speed is remarkably high, though its acceleration rate is slow enough to make getting there a true feat. Still, it's the heaviest vehicle available, and it maneuvers like a high-speed tank, so you'll seldom feel intimidated by the fuzz on your tail.

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