The Urbz: Sims in the City, City Guide Part 2

We take you on a tour of three very different neighborhoods that will appear in EA's upcoming Sims game

Last month, in the first part of our Urbz City Guide, we brought you all the information you could ever want on six different locales that you'll be able to visit in EA's upcoming urban Sims title. Those areas included 125th Street, Gasoline Row, Central Station, Cosmo Street, Kicktail Park, and The Foundry. This month we've got details on three additional neighborhoods that are every bit as varied as their names suggest: Neon East, Southside Bridge, and Diamond Heights.

Neon East

This little spot in the northeast corner of town is where the gadget-loving rave crowd hangs out. Don't let all the flashing lights, the metallic clank of falling pachinko balls, and neo-Tokyo architecture throw you. Don your Day-Glo vibrating jumpsuits, take a stroll through the neon torii-lined sidewalks, and just take it all in. If you're hungry, stop in for a bite at Mazuiko's Sushi Bar. The rave scene doesn't kick into full gear until night falls, and that's when Neon East really gets buzzing.

The Neon East locals are a colorful bunch.

Where to Go
As you walk up the stairs from the dark underground subway, give your eyes a minute to adjust to the bright, pulsating lights. You'll find Sara Tonin's Garb Grab clothing shop dead ahead on your right. Make a left and pass under the first bright red-glowing arch and you're on the main drag of Neon East where most of the action is. The sushi bar, on your right, is famous for its cheap, tasty eats. Mazuiko is always looking for some extra help, too. Learn how to make sushi and earn some simoleans at the same time. Check out the arcade across the street with those Japanese upright pinball machines and the adjacent tapioca drink bar. Notice the big guy guarding the door? He's the bouncer for the Pulse, the hottest dance scene in the city. Get well known and wear some LOUD clothes and you might be raving the night away.

Can you feel the Pulse?

Are you're just dying for a pink cat-eared cap and goggles like Mazuiko? Or maybe the pink pigtails are more your speed? Have you been searching the city for a candy-colored plastic heart necklace? Search no longer. Sara's Garb Grab has it all. All your funky, neon-bright crazed clothing choices can be satisfied here, as long as you've got the cash.

People You'll Meet
Mazuiko Jackson is the queen of the rave scene in town as well as the sovereign of sushi. Get in with her and you'll go far. Sara Tonin, the local fashionista runs the clothing shop and is pals with Professor Chewy, the dude with the wacky antennae hairdo. This fun-loving bunch likes things bright, electronic, and loud. Whip out your hot new PDA or challenge them to the latest holo-video game and you'll be friends before you know it.

PDAs: One of the easiest ways to make friends in Neon East.

How to Get There
It's no coincidence that Neon East is located off in a corner of town far from its neighbors. The lights and sounds that these Urbz thrive on have bothered neighbors elsewhere. Some of the well-to-do folks in Diamond Heights say that on a clear night they can see the glow of Neon East all the way from their lofty high-rise balconies. But have no fear; Neon East is just a quick subway ride away.

If you find yourself in a back alley, don't worry. Just keep walking until you find one of the lighted arches that mark the main drag. And, if you need to find the facilities, just look for the purple, pink, and green-tiled public restrooms.

The bright lights of Neon East are waiting for you.

Southside Bridge

Located directly under the Southside Bridge overpass, this somewhat seedy neighborhood has a great view of the river. Standing on the docks in the shadow of the elevated train, you can look across the dark blue waters to the tall buildings in the distance. Watch your step in Southside, because there are some tough characters wandering around, and you wouldn't want to end up sleeping with the fish, would you?

The Southside dress code is unlike that of any other area in the city.

Where to Go
"Hey buddy, wanna buy some fireworks?" If so, you've come to the right place. Browsing among the old tin-roofed red-brick buildings, you're sure to stumble on Louie's Flameworks, home of the bootleg fireworks production plant. Louie is always shorthanded and looking for new blood. Some skill with a sledgehammer and a willingness to mess with Louie's competition are also pluses. A familiar double-wide goon is guarding the door to the Lucky Six casino where games of chance and a self-serve juice bar await Urbz who are in the know. The well-appointed bathroom, with a leopard skin rug and Mission-style bookshelf, is a great place to refresh yourself.

Looks like at least one person is happy to see you.

This is the place to stock up on red leather-clad Loungemaster counters, marble-trimmed showers, and wood paneling. If fashion is more your bag, check out Bab's Beauty Barn for some style-shifting goodness, such as the pink-ruffled tuxedo shirt, or an open-necked aloha shirt, or even a leopard print miniskirt with matching halter top. You'll look like you're part of the "family" before you know it.

People You'll Meet
Louie Bricks is the head cappo around here. He's the guy to talk to to break into the firecracker biz. Pamela Sneer and Babs Margarita are two of the well-appointed women you might meet at the Lucky Six. Pam's got a thing for placing big bets at the llama toss. Befriend her to learn how to set up a little alleyway game of chance yourself. Jimmy Two-Shoes, one of Louie's key guys, is the creator of the infamous "firecracker dance." Treat him right and he might show you the trick.

You'd best watch your step if you venture into Southside.
How to Get There
Southside Bridge is, you guessed it, in the south part of town. This used to be a bustling port, back before Louie and his pals moved in to set up their fireworks empire. The subway here has moved above ground to the elevated tracks, which crosses the bridge to Cosmo Street. Take a seat on one of the green wooden benches facing the water and you'll be surprised how refreshed you'll feel. Then head over to the Lucky Six and try your luck. Tell 'em Louie sent you.

Diamond Heights

If you want to go all the way to the top, your first stop should be Diamond Heights. Come down to this fashion district, but make sure to take the elevators all the way to the top floor. Views of the entire city await you here, and you'll rub elbows with hottest models and most successful promoters in town. Solid gold is the order of the day, from the encrusted jewelry you can find available at haute couture, right down to the champagne-filled gold toilets. But the real gold can be found in the hearts of those who live here!

If your name doesn't sound French, you're not coming in.
Where to Go
No trip to Diamond Heights is complete without giving the catwalk a try. Open to the public, this fashion runway is loads of fun to use even if your personal style is more "statement" than "state of the art." Real culture vultures will want to make a beeline to Diva's Snapshots, the local fashion agency. If you've got the look and the attitude, you can make more money posing for pictures for a couple of hours than by working in any other district! Finally, who can miss a party in the exclusive Catwalk club? Get past the bouncer and you'll see things you'll never forget as celebrities let it all hang out!
With any luck, the local biker gang will turn up soon.

If luxury furnishings are more on the money, try browsing the fine assortment of imported, antique and designer sofas, beds, and dining sets in the local boutique, but be prepared to part with a lot of cash. The shop is located just to the left of the elevators as you step out. A gold lounge is available outside for exhausted shoppers. People You'll Meet
Who won't you meet is a better question. The show here is run by fashionista Diva Roma and her famous twin models Sophie and Babbette Couture. Former rap star, record producer, and impresario, Cash Monet is also known to party here on occasion, along with quadruple platinum recording artist Pootie Fads. Rumor has it that Diva and Mr. Monet are related in some way to organized crime figures such as "legitimate businessmen" Louie Bricks and Jimmy Two-Shoes, as they are occasionally seen at parties here as well. For some reason, various motorcycle gangs have taken to crashing the celebrity parties for fun, so watch your step at night.

You simply must give the catwalk a try.
How to Get There
Diamond Heights is situated in the northern part of the city, just west of Neon East. While travel by subway here is possible from any district, it is recommended that visitors travel from Cosmo Street or Southside Bridge for the best views of the waterfront on their way to this high-rise district. People have been known to get dizzy at the extreme altitude here, since the top floor is level with the nearby advertising blimps. Those afraid of heights should stay home, but those into high culture and high times should dress up and expect a fun-filled night full of glamour!

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