The Truck Stops Here

Monster Truck Madness 2 shots show a title so realistic you can taste the mud.

Microsoft announced that Monster Truck Madness will turn two this spring as it gets a major upgrade. The upgrade includes a 3D photo-realistic engine that uses the latest in acceleration hardware, faster processors, force feedback through either the trusty joystick or through a wheel, and the new AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) technology for video.

When released, Monster Truck Madness 2 will incorporate 12 new tracks with varying weather conditions (rain, snow, and ice), nine new trucks that you can really bash into, and free multiplayer support over Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone.

We've seen some pictures of Terminal Reality's Photex2 engine (developer of the Monster Truck Madness titles) recently, and finally gamers get to see what the technology is going to do for them on the desktop.

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