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The Story of Hello Games & No Man's Sky

How can a tiny team in southern England create a game like No Man's Sky?


Hello Games are a different type of independent developer than people are used to. They didn't start making games to rally against mainstream development, or to create something incredibly avant-garde. They left their jobs in larger studios because of a passion to make something they could be truly proud of.

Unlike most burgeoning indies, they founded Hello Games not only armed with years of experience developing and shipping games, but with a hunger to succeed so that they wouldn't have to return to making games for others. This maturity saw a relatively tiny team release their debut outing Joe Danger across multiple platforms, onto phones and into the hearts of millions.

Many people have asked - how can a team of ten developers possible ship a game with the scope of No Man's Sky? The answer lies in the passion, experience and drive of those ten individuals.


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