The Secrets of Fez

Without ruining the joy of solving Fez's puzzles on your own, our mini-guide will show you the way. "Brawny gods just flocked up to quiz and vex him."

There are seemingly endless puzzles to crack in Fez, and the solutions are rarely obvious. Many of them revolve around deciphering glyphs and symbols that pop up in nearly every corner.

The solutions are in the game, but they are never spoon-fed to you or dropped in your lap. Fez is intended to make you think, consider, and wonder. That said, some people prefer to seek out help from others; that's where we come in! We aren't going to simply hand over the secrets though. Instead, we're going to show you how to locate the clues within the game, so you at least have a fighting chance. Without further ado, let's get to it!

This first video takes you all the way to a shady forest. There's not much going on, but what is present are strong clues to one of the largest secrets in Fez. "But clues to what?" you may ask. If you'd like a hint, make sure to analyze everything in the last part of the video, and see if you can find a connection to the elements in the scene.

Without giving too much away, let's just say that the clues in this video are related, but they don't share a direct connection with one another.

Last but not least! The room at the end of this video provides numerous hints, using different methods of comparing relationships and connections. Add it all up, and the message will ring true in no time.

We purposefully made these videos as vague as possible. Showing you the way to these hints is almost giving too much away as it is. No doubt, the joy of discovery will be that much sweeter if you can solve these riddles without help from others.

If you feel that you still have no clue what we're hinting at, or would rather solve the riddles and get on with your life, all I can say is that this page contains hints of its own outside of the videos we've provided. That's all I'll say for now. Happy hunting!


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Does anyone know the secret in the room where you go through the fireplace to get the treasure chest(there is a picture on the wall of the guy above with the monocle and top hat)?


@Psmitty456 that was what I came here for too haha I wanted to fully complete the first area before moving on so I could start to understand what things I need to pay attention to and what isn't as important throughout the game so I'm not spending 20 hours staring at a picture that had nothing to do with a puzzle I was trying to solve. I love puzzle solving, however I have about 120 other games that I still have to beat, so I'd like to at least complete the majority of the game and in a decent span of time.


@Andrex1212 @Psmitty456 According to these hints, I believe you'll have to move forward and go back to some rooms with secrets once you have gathered enough information to solve them.