The Pulse: NASL's New eSports Show

The NASL is back with a new live show called The Pulse, which will be on Sundays with the entire crew!

The NASL kicks off 2013 with a new eSports show called The Pulse, where they will discuss eSports topics and bring on industry figureheads, personalities, pro gamers, and more. Stay tuned on Sundays for the show. See below for different segments from each show. For more information, check out the NASL.

The Pulse Show Segments

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The Pulse Episode Segments

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Episode 1 > Episode 2 > Episode 3 > Episode 4 > Episode 5 > > Episode 6 > Episode 7 > Episode 8 > Episode 9 > Episode 10 > Episode 11 >

The Pulse Episode 12 - WCS NA/EU and More

The Pulse Ep 12 Intro
Dreamhack Stockholm
WCS Europe and More

ZvT w/ Mr Bitter and Stephano

ZvT Pt2
ZvT Pt3
ZvT Pt4
ZvT Pt5

Heart of the Swarm Lore

Part 1 HoTS Lore
Part 2 HoTS Lore
Part 3 HoTS Lore
Part 4 HoTS Lore

Part 5 of HoTS Lore
Part 6 of HoTS Lore
End of HoTS Lore
More Coming

The Pulse Stream

Watch Episode 3 on Sunday at 11am PST

Episode One

Hots Changes
GOM vs. KespA
TL Legacy Starleague
Foreigners in Code S

Episode Two

TB and Team Houses
Players on the Move
RyaNoob and Ninja
Episode 2 Recap

Episode Three

GSL Code S Recap
IEM and ProLeague
Around eSports
Quantic Reborn

Episode Four

Player Moves
eSports News
HoTS Beta Update

Episode 5

General News
Gamer Tattoos
Around eSports
IEM Profile

Episode 6

MLG Recap
HoTS Disc. 1
HoTS Disc. 2
HoTS Disc. 3

Episode 7: Story so Far: StarCraft II

Story so Far pt 2
Story so Far pt 3
Story so Far pt 4
Story so Far pt 5

Episode 8: League of Legends Edition

CLG Interview
Riot Profile
Stock Market
Upcoming Tourney

Episode 9: Barcrafts and Cosplay

BarCrafts w/Clutch
Cosplay w/Lauren
More Coming
More Coming

Episode 10: HoTS Updates, Tournaments, Predictions and More

Boos and Woos
Against the Odds
Take a Stand
The Wire

Episode 11: HoTS Updates, Tournaments, Predictions and More

Fun Facts w/Frodan
"blank" My Life
Take a Stand
The Wire

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