The OzSpot 30/10/12: Fake Vita, Anonymous targets Zynga

Join us on this week's show to chat about a very interesting portable game and media player being sold in Australia that looks a lot like a handheld console you may know.

This week we're going to be looking at online retailer Kogan's version of the PS Vita, plus: why is Anonymous targeting Zynga?

We'll also chat about Hotline: Miami and what Microsoft did to make Halo 4 the most expensive game the company has ever made.

Tune in!

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What the hell when do the OzSpots happen now? I keep missing them!


nice work promoting pirating games - classy GS real classy

tempertress moderator staff

 @MagicQuinn As we're now integrated with the US Twitch we try to do it when America is awake too. It used to be 1pm, now it's generally 10,10:15am AEST, always Tuesday! For when it changes though we always let you guys know beforehand on our Twitter: