The OzSpot 25/09/12: New PS3, TGS news

On this week's show we look at the new PS3 model, plus Dan and Ed chat TGS 2012 news.

During last week's Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced a new PS3 model, available in either a 250GB version or a 500GB version. However, Australia won't be getting the 250GB version: instead, this version of the new PS3 will be replaced with a 12GB flash memory version. Why? Tune in to hear our thoughts.

Also on this week's show, Dan and Ed regale us with stories of their adventures during TGS 2012, including highlights and most anticipated games.

Tune in!

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is the new ps3 still backwards compatible with ps1 games?? how about bringing back the ps2 compatibility?! 

Nintendo_Man moderator

But i want to use live chat using my GS account. :P

Chippa7 moderator

 @coight30 As far as I know the new PS3 slim should be backwards compatible with PS1 titles. PS2 BC is still a distant dream.