The OzSpot 18/09/12: Wii U priced and dated, iPhone 5

The first next-gen console has been priced and dated worldwide! Listen to the GameSpot crew (plus a very special guest) dissect the news, including local Aussie pricing and software line-up.

Nintendo has finally officially priced and dated its upcoming Wii U console for international territories, and has also detailed a very impressive list of first and third-party launch titles.

On this week's show Laura, Zorine, Jess, and special CNET guest Nic Healey discuss local Australian pricing for the Wii U, plus our thoughts on the software line-up, including some very tantalising exclusives.

Plus: how will the newly-launched iPhone 5 change the face of mobile gaming? And what's happening to those two Bohemia Interactive employees currently detained in Greece?

Tune in below!

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Too bad about the video stream...

By the way, when will you have a decent tab on Gamespot with all your episodes? It's such a pain to find the show!


Let just hope WiiU launch in Aust, will like 3DS launch where you can get around $50 off RRP if you pre-order. Got my 3DS for $298 + 1 game from DickSmith ..RRP was $349 (no game).  *fingers cross*  ..NSMBU would have be a lazy launch title from Nintendo..looks like NSMB Wii & NSMB DS & NSMB 2 3DS  except of course in HD. I won't be buying NSMBU.  They shouldn't have wasted time on Nintendo Land if its not going even come with the Basic WiiU bundle..this tells me its not going to show off much what WiiU is about..not like Wii Sport did with Wii.


I can see it now. The GamePad is going to be the one thing kids fight over most. The new gold-standard for broken toys and other household devices.


Asynchronous gameplay as a family concept is flawed. It relies on very orderly, agreed and conditional play situations. Considering Nintendo's very sizeable, and predominantly casual audience, I think they are naive in expecting this to work, yet alone become popular. Parents, bigger or older siblings, and whoever is the most spoiled little sh-, I mean, brat in the household is always going to get the GamePad first. Many families with two or more children are going to struggle with this idea, I think. Until now, the standard for local multi-player is that each participant is generally playing on equal terms. Now, Nintendo are offering this great power, and asking children to share it, like Gollum begging Frodo for a turn at holding "the precious". Fat chance.


Remember what happened when Bart, Martin and Milhouse chipped in together for Radioavtive Man #1?


What's that? You can buy an extra GamePad? Not at launch***. Not one game utilizing a second GamePad has been announced. Nintendo have only said that it is possible. Their focus is clearly 'asynchronous gameplay', and that's one of the key features they are going to market with. I'd be surprised if many games ever make use of the second GamePad in any meaningful fashion.

*** "Through the launch window, there are no games that leverage a second controller. And so, during the launch window here in NOA [Nintendo of America] territories, we will not be selling at retail a second gamepad."




For most of my childhood I had just one sister, two years my junior. We probably shared more time on the Sega Mega Drive than on other systems, but with only one standard 3-button controller, and a 3rd-party auto-fire 6-button controller, we had ENDLESS FIGHTS. We had just one SNES gamepad, and that console was barely touched because mum kept confiscating it and locking it away in the cupboard. As I got a little older, I began to observe my two younger brothers doing the exact same with a PlayStation, one Lightgun and a copy of Point Blank 3.


Nintendo are expecting families to decide, not just who gets to use the fancy new touchscreen doodad, but who gets to have MOAR POWER, so to speak. If we had a Wii U and a copy of Rayman Legends as kids, I might have strangled my sister with the power cable and spent my adolescent years in juvenile detention.


Okay, so I didn't have a great childhood, I'll admit. And mum spent more time drinking or getting high than sorting us little shits out, but that's another story. Are their truly any magical, wonderful, orderly families out there, like the ones Nintendo are aiming for? You know, the ones you see in Happy Days, or The Wonder Years? =/


*Sigh*, Oh well... I wish Nintendo luck, regardless. I may pick up a Wii U for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and will keep an eye out for a new Smash Bros title.



"How exclusive" is Bayonetta 2 to Wii U? Well, Nintendo are publishing it, so you can be sure they will retain sole publishing rights for it. Either way you look at it, without Nintendo's involvement, Bayonetta 2 may never have otherwise existed. I've been reading a lot of backlash in comments on this issue, directed both at Nintendo and Platinum, but I don't think the negativity is fair at all. Bayonetta sold poorly, and Sega dropped it. If anything, you might as well thank Nintendo.



Great show, yet again. Bummer you didn't all get trips to TGS, but there's always next year. Didn't Laura go last year, anyway? So Zorine and Jess get their turn in 2013?! I'm so jealous, I'm DYING to check out Super Potato. Someday...