The OzSpot 12/06/12

E3 2012 wrap, Activision Blizzard for sale, and is war entertainment?

Hey guys!

The GameSpot AU crew is back from E3, and we want to talk games!

This week we reveal our show highlights, discuss Activision Blizzard sale rumours and its impact on the games industry, as well as debate war and its place in entertainment. Tune in!

As always, we want to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below!

Podcast starts at 04:15.

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 @chippa7 Hey Dan, Dan! You may want to check 44:45 to 45:00. There is some super-creepy looping of recorded lines there.   X(


Your pause function doesn't work. When you restart you go back to the beginning.

Chippa7 moderator

 @Gelugon_baat Whoa, that's crazy! On the plus side, it could be the next big club anthem. Someone please add a wicked sick dance beat.

Zorine moderator staffmoderator

 @Gelugon_baat Oh god, can't breathe... laughing too hard! Thanks for picking up on this Gelugon_baat!