The OzSpot 06/11/12: HorseZ Edition

On this week's show we mix things up a bit to celebrate Melbourne Cup day; join us for some in-depth discussion on gaming news and topics!

This weel on the OzSpot podcast we'll be drawing our topics from a bag, lucky dip style! What hot topics will feature this week?

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Zorine Te

Zorine “harli” Te is GameSpot Australia's associate editor.
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey


Great podcast

Total agree about games being too easy Diablo 3 was so disappointing after finishing the game 3 times on cakewalk mode, I really didn't have the enthusiasm to finish inferno and then start a new game with a different class and do another 3 play unchallenging play throughs.

I liked dragon age's on the fly difficulty change in the options menu. I set it on hard then if i got really frustrated with one fight, I altered the difficulty down just for the one fight to keep my momentum going

As Ed said about Dota 2 its really satisfying to be able to master a complex game.

Although taking a break from playing a competitive game like Dota and find yourself almost back to square one. (I found this with SC2)

P.S. I've being hearing complaints about SC2 hacks ruining ladder games


Been playing Borderlands, finding Zero a little annoying not enough sniper ammo and weak melee


The ozspot is the only thing that can get me smiling, the hosts are amazing, this podcast is so interesting and funny, and i prefer it over the UK podcast, keep doing what you guys do


I saw Dreamfall Chapters was tagged in this, and came to dance around naked on the thread with excitement.

Chippa7 moderator

 @joynal95 Thanks for the kind words, and we're glad you enjoy the show! We love feedback, so let us know if there's anything you'd like to see/hear more/less of.